Women's World Cup - Quarter Finals Loom

June 24, 2015, 12:50 a.m. 779 Neil Smart

Well, so far it's hardly been World Cup fever. More like a mild temperature but perhaps, now that we find ourselves at the quarter final stage, things will heat up? I’m pleased the team I forecast to win it all (USA) is still in it and that England are also still 'at the dance', so to speak.

The USA have been less than convincing and will be missing two key players for the China game. However I expect them to overcome that hurdle and believe their real challenge will be whoever they play in the semis, both France and Germany looking well impressive in their recent wins. England v Norway was actually an enjoyable game which could have gone either way but that strike from Lucy Bronze was a scorcher! Good enough to win any game.

The women's game remains refreshing to watch for the most part although some of the ‘professionalism’ that taints the men’s game is sneaking in. Embellishing a foul is one example in addition to one of my pet peeves, taking the ball to the corner flag to time waste at the end of a game. England were guilty of doing this much too early and any team that concedes a goal after trying this ‘tactic’, , including England, gets no sympathy from me.

So the prospect of an exciting weekend is ahead. I’ll finish by sticking my head out and offering the following predictions for the semi-finals: USA V France and England v Japan. Note this prediction was made prior to the Japan v Holland game which I am watching now!

Enjoy the games!